Improving Air Quality At Home

Most of us take breathing for granted, but we should take more of an interest in it. There are allergens and harmful toxins in the air around us. One way you to cut how they affect you and your family is with an air purifier. This can improve your air quality at home. However, you need to take your time to investigate such products. A poorly made product won’t help you!

What does it Offer?

Carefully read the details for any air purifier you are looking at. You need to make some comparisons for what it offers. The overall square footage of your home will decide how many of the devices you need based on their output. You don’t want to skimp on them in your home. It is impossible for one to be able to do the job successfully. It is better to have several.

ACH is the Air Exchange per Hour. The higher this number is, the better the product works for cleaning your air. This is shared on the products by CFM and the cubic feet of the room. Don’t settle for a product that offers less than four ACH per hour. Ideally, you shouldn’t by an air purifier offering less than six ACH per hour.

Directional Outflow Register

Only buy such a product with a directional outflow register. This allows you to decide where the clean air will begin and where it will be recycled. Make sure you have the space around the device clear. At least 18″ around it should be open space to allow for adequate air intake.

Most products have a design that brings the air in at the bottom and releases it at the top. However, it is better to get one that brings in the air at the top and releases it at the bottom. Technology makes it possible for this to be the better choice in terms of cleaner air in your home. As a result, more of the products are now being designed with this type of set up.


Take a close look at the filter used for the air purifier you are considering buying. They aren’t all the same. You should buy a product with a HEPA filter system. They are the best and remove up to 99% of particles in the air that can be harmful for you. They can collect those small particles too that tend to slip through with other types of filters.

Make sure you keep track of when your filter needs to be changed or cleaned. That time frame is generally three to six months. Read the information that comes with your air purifier and document on your calendar for easy refer to. If the filter is old and dirty, it isn’t going to work like it should to protect you from allergens and harmful entities in the air you breathe.


Consider an air purifier an investment for your home and the well-being of your family. It is an investment and you want it to pay off for you in the end. Not only in terms of cleaner air, but how long will it last. Check out the warranty information for such products before you make your purchase.

A generous warranty indicates the manufacturer is very confident with the product they offer. They stand behind it and they will repair or replace it for you if you have any issues during that time. Make sure you read the coverage for the warranty too because different products can offer different levels of coverage. You want one with a long time frame and full coverage.