How To Handle The Most Annoying Stains

If you’re like most people then you really hate stains. There’s nothing like that feeling of frustration, panic, sadness and irritation when you realize you’ve stained your favorite piece of clothing. And that feeling is even worse when you realize it days later when you can’t really do much about it since the stain has set. You feel like the world is crumbling as you part ways with your most beloved shirt, dress, blouse or anything else you really love in your closet. Stains are annoying and can ruin your day just as much as it ruins your clothes.

And that doesn’t even describe the feeling as a parent. Most parents finds tons of new stains on their children’s clothes each time they do laundry. Kids aren’t as attached to clothes as much as adults and don’t really care if they stain their clothes. Parents see these stains as money in the trash if the item can’t be salvaged.

Before you give up all hope on your favorite clothing item, know there is light at the end of the tunnel! Just because you think that one annoying stain merits a trip to the trash, there are stain removers on the market that provide significant help. You just have to be armed with the right laundry stain remover and the patience to really get that annoying stain out!

Stain Remover For Clothes Tips

Although you might think that the annoying stain is permanent, you should still try everything in your power to try and remove it. Here are some tips on how to remove stains from clothes:

  • Don’t throw it in the washer just yet. Even though your first reaction might be to run it in the washer as soon as you see that annoying stain, refrain from doing so! If you wash it without treating the stain first, you’re just making it set into your favorite shirt even more and nothing will be able to remove it.
  • When you get a stain while you’re out and about, treat it immediately. Either carry a stain remover pen in your bag or head to the restroom to use water to dampen the stain before blotting it with paper. And if you have distilled vinegar handy, you can treat annoying stains with that, too.
  • Blot stains carefully and try to get the stain out as much as you can. Don’t let the piece of clothing dry until you’ve done the best that you could with your limited resources. When you get home, treat the stain immediately with a laundry stain remover you trust.
  • Don’t use bleach on anything but white clothes since it will strip the fabric of its color and then you’ll really have to just throw in the towel and toss it out.

Laundry Stain Removers As The Last Defense In Treating Annoying Stains

Finding the right laundry stain remover is key to dealing with annoying stains. Once you find that perfect one, buy multiple bottles of it because it’ll be the only stain remover you’ll ever need! The key to finding the best stain remover for clothes is to look for one with a concentrated formula that will penetrate deep to breakdown the toughest stains and lift them from the surface. And the product should not just work on clothes, but also on upholstery and other fabrics, too. Read the label on the bottle and make sure that it removes a variety of stains, including wine, dirt, grass, clay, grime, grease and other common, annoying stains so that you don’t need to get numerous products. And don’t forget to make sure that it’s safe for color fabrics, too!

Finding The Best Stain Remover Might Take Time

The possibilities of stains are practically endless, so finding the best stain remover might not happen overnight. You might have to go through a few different formulas until you find that one product that works on every stain imaginable. And if you can, look for a product that isn’t just a stain remover, but also features a pre-treatment formula that will only add to its stain removing muscle. Once you find one, annoying stains won’t be so annoying anymore!