What No One Tells You About Vacuum Excavation

You think you know everything about vacuum excavation? Well, maybe you are wrong. Vacuum excavation is a non-destructive excavation method, used on the construction site. Compared to traditional methods, vacuum excavation method is quicker and more efficient way to remove waste from residential, commercial and civil sites.

Many companies are choosing this method because it allows secure digging. Security means not damaging the underground utilities, like underground pipes and cables. Slow digging doesn’t have to mean safe digging. Workers who perform the excavation process have a major role in this work. They should be trained and prepared to complete the job, precisely and safely. Not to forget the equipment necessary for vacuum excavation. Proper equipment has to be used in order to achieve the excavation process’ efficiency.

You wonder how vacuum excavation process works!? This non-destructive method is a perfect choice for removing wet or dry waste, such as sludge, slurry or other building site waste. It’s similar to regular vacuuming. Especially, the hydro excavation uses a high pressure of water to loosen up the waste. Besides having a high pressure of water, it’s crucial to have a high flow vacuum. The vacuum is responsible for suction and the removal of the waste. In order to create a vacuum, a fan system is used. By removing the air, the fan system creates a mechanism allowing the waste to go up. In the end, the waste goes to a container for complete removal.

Traditional excavation methods require working on a wider area, which means extra time and additional labour costs. Companies don’t want to be faced with higher unexpected costs at all. Obviously, we are talking about a cost-effective method of excavation, because it uses lower labour. In addition, the workers and community will be minimally exposed to potential threats from the excavation. The lower cost is a result of less disruption and minimal site preparation.

To safely excavate without causing unnecessary damage to existing underground utilities and site damage, you can utilise non-destructive excavation units for your construction project.

The cost for hydro vacuum excavation service depends on several components: site approachability and its conditions, the time needed for finishing the job, including the possibility of its extension. It’s important to mention that this is more expensive than the usual methods of excavation. However, the value offered by this method in terms of safety and reliability cannot be compared with other methods.