An Air Purifier to Make Your Place Inhabitable and Breathable


The world is facing the worst air pollution crisis it has seen ever. Cities, Schools, transports are shut down to decrease the increasing air pollution levels. Air pollution may cause many diseases and respiratory problems among the young and the elderly. Having a good quality of air to breathe has become a privilege in recent years. Even though the permanent solution is to reduce the pollution levels, a temporary solution can be to purify the air you breathe around you. It can reduce the risk of pulmonary disease and can improve the health of you and your surroundings. An air purifier is the need of the hour in the country today. If you have infants, elderly, or pregnant women at your place, you need air purifiers. You can use the purifier as leverage to improve the reputation of your hospital. Air purifiers have many benefits.

Large variety

They come in different sizes and shapes to meet your requirements. They purify the air so that your family is no longer vulnerable to pulmonary diseases. You can get yourself a table air purifier that you can carry with you to work. They have a long life so that you can breathe fresh air. Olansi air purifiers purify the air in layers so that it is completely purified to the highest degree. They ionize the air along with purification. They come at fair prices and ample service.

Features of air purifiers

They are quiet and make less noise so that you don’t get disturbed while you work or sleep. They have wifi connectivity and can be controlled by accurate infrared sensors. They are fitted with an air quality sensor that indicates the air quality of the air. The air quality index is used to measure the quality of air.

  • The values of the index ranging from 0 – 50 show the least concern and are the most safer to breathe.
  • 51 -100 may pose risk for people who are extremely sensitive to air pollution.
  • 101 – 150 is a risk for sensitive groups such as infants, the elderly, and pregnant women.
  • 151 – 200 may pose risk to some of the general public and is very unhealthy.
  • 201 – 300 the risk is amplified and it affects most people.
  • 300+ is hazardous and causes diseases to people.

Most parts of the world observe an AQI of 300+ most of the year. This makes it very clear the imminent need for air purifiers at hospitals, workplaces, and homes. The quality sensors in the purifiers will let you know the AQI of the air so that you can take necessary precautions to avoid the dangers of higher AQI

There are many types of purifiers such as smart purifiers, cars, tables, desktops, humidifiers, and many more to name a few. Olansi also provides water purifiers, hydrogen water purifiers.