Avoiding Headaches From a Home Improvement Project

Avoiding Headaches From a Home Improvement Project

My home is old, really old. Recently. one of its basement windows needed replacement because the cat kept using it to get outside. More issues followed, The kitchen sibk had a hole, which meant that it had to be ripped out, as the water from it was leaking into the house’s foundation. Something had to be done immediately, so I approached a home improvement store. I ordered a window and was told that a rep would visit in a few weeks.

1. I should have stressed the urgency of the project being done asap. A few weeks did pass before A rep contacted me and mentioned when he would visit to measure the window. He arrived in mid May. He said that the new window would be installed in 6 weeks.

In the meantime, family and friends tried to provide a cover for the window that the cat could not push away or budge. One friend obtained a wooden cover and nailed it in place/ The cat was unable to push the panel out.

2 IFor the counter and sink replacement, I first tried one home improvement store in April, Three months later, the project wasn;t even started and I was desperate for something to be done.

The reason was that my project was not prioritized and was placed at the bottom of the list. I requested and received a refund of my deposit. Excuses that materials were delayed and/or unavailable were given. So I tried the second home improvement store. This time, I measured the counter and drew a rough drawing of it to take to the store.

.3. Providing measurements and perhaps a quick photo or two does help to expedite matters, though a polite question when someone will arrive to do measurements can’t hurt either. Your peace of mind matters!

4. The second store had counttertop and cabinet materials available for me to choose from.. And the fact that those materials did NOT have to be ordered saved me a three-month-long wait.

If the store already has the items you need in stock, choose the items from available in-stock stuff. You may get a discount or find that those items are on sale!

5. Ask when measurements will be taken. and once they are, remember to follow up by calling customer service and asking when the insatallation will happen and how much the job will cost. NEVER ASSUME THAT THINGS WILL BE DONE WHEN YOU EXPECT OR THAT EVERYTHING WILL BE AFFORDABLE. It probably won’t be.

6. Go ahead and demand information that you need to know and clearly mention any urgencies. You will save wasted time and get your project completed. Good luck!