Taking a Compass to Your Planned Conservatory

You are considering adding a conservatory to your home. Depending on the space available around your property, one of your major considerations may be about the direction you wish it to face. A key factor here is how and when (during both each day and the year) you intend to make most use of it.

Assuming that all choices are available to you, let’s take a quick look at each. Use these tips to help you when discussing your purchase with any companies you contact…

To the north

The good news is that summertime overheating is less of a problem with a north-facing conservatory as it will receive less direct sunlight than a south-facing choice. The flip-side of this is the need to make sure it’s skilfully designed so you’ll be able to comfortably enjoy it right through those freezing winter months.

You’ll likely be considering high-performance double glazing, insulated bases, dwarf walls, and proper heating. Mind you, that low winter sun may help to warm up the room leading off your conservatory. A great place to spend your summer mornings too!

To the south

As it’s obviously directly opposite to north, you won’t be surprised to learn that high levels of overheating throughout the summer is a major consideration with south-facing conservatories. It’s important to make sure that whoever you choose to build it uses both solar control glazing and installs a quality ventilation system.

Either French or double doors can be opened to produce a good flow of air. The further south you live, the more you might consider air-conditioning. This is a pretty good place to enjoy some winter sun and to make the most of the rest of the year!

To the east

Here you can just sit back and enjoy your breakfast in that glorious morning sunshine! One word though, if your area is subject to those bitter eastern winds, heat and insulation considerations are likely to be a factor for discussion.

To the west

Bright, sunny afternoons are to be enjoyed in a west-facing conservatory. Alternatively, if you prefer a relaxing end to your busy day, sip a cool drink as you watch that glorious sunset relax slowly into night. Mind you, if your area is prone to frosty or cold, foggy, mornings, some heat may be needed. Also, some late-afternoon midsummer ventilation may be a blessing.

Whichever way you face

No matter the direction you choose, the overriding key is to make sure that professional plans are drawn up, agreed, and then closely followed by experienced and skilled craftsmen, ones with a solid body of many years proven work behind them.