4 Signs About Your Plumbing System That Will Make You Call An Expert

The plumbing system is just as important as the other utility systems in our homes. Imagine the comfort you can get with a fully functional toilet, running water, bathtubs, and hot showers. It may seem normal and typical in any day. However, once you’ve gone camping outdoors without any of these, you’ll sure appreciate the benefits you can derive from modern plumbing.

Then again, it’s not all about comfort. Health and sanitation are also blessings that come with a plumbing system. Hence, you wouldn’t want to overlook tune up and

maintenance when they’re due, and you wouldn’t ignore these signals either.

1. Leaks

Although it may seem inconvenient and tedious, taking care of leak problems is a must. We wouldn’t underestimate leaks which can lead to serious damage to our properties and our family’s health. Excessive moisture can lead to mold, mildew, and bacteria buildup that can affect the indoor air we breathe and therefore result in health problems.

Minor leaks should be okay and tolerable to clean, but when neglected, the water pressure can make any punctures worse and aggravate any damages in the process. These apertures can work silently, too. If you don’t walk around your house once in a while to inspect your plumbing system, you might end up with a flooded basement or room.

2. Clogged Drains

When our drains do not perform as fast as they used to, it may be sign that there are clogs and obstructions we have to clean or clear in our pipes. This may be overlooked by some homeowners, often in times when these drains still manage to flush things down the pipe somehow – until they stop working altogether. Regular maintenance shall be done at least once a week to avoid any buildup and more serious damage.

3. Outdated System

When purchasing a house, some homebuyers often overlook checking their property’s plumbing system. We can plead guilty to inquiring whether the pipes and valves are working all right, without going into much detail of its age and integrity. We leave room for improvement but do not delve into any restoration or re-piping until they start causing disasters.

Old pipes and faucets can increase lead contamination, which is one thing you wouldn’t wish to happen to your family. Replacing your old faucets and external fittings shouldn’t be that hard, and will definitely be worth the investment. You can give your house some boost just by installing new faucets and fittings.

4. Rust Buildup

Water heaters and hot water tanks are extremely helpful to our daily functions, like cooking, hot baths, and dishwashing. But wear and tear, along with lack of regular tune ups and maintenance can result to defective heaters and rusty water tanks, which can affect the quality of our water supply.

These signs should be easy to tackle if you have the right tools and knowledge.